Friday, December 28, 2007


scowl!This is a piccie of me scowling. I’m not really mad or nuttin’, but I tole Robin she couldn’t talk much about the thing she is currently working on, cuz it’s really cool, an I tink it should be a bit of a surprised an stuff.  So I tole her dat if she said what it was gonna be, I would scowl at her – and no one wants me to scowl.  See the piccie?  Withering, huh?
If Robin does decide to post about it, an she looks here, she’ll see me scowling an know dat she better not.  ‘least that’s my cunning plan.
It is really cool, though, an if it works out like we want, an we do a lotta work together on it all like we hope to, then it can be really something exciting.  You’ll read about it here soon, really!
Also, be sure an stop by the island.  The weather is still pretty snowy now, but the upcoming weather looks good an we might see an early spring coming to Livingtree.  So if you wanna get some of the fun stuff like snowmobiles, snow people kits, an holiday bears – or jes enjoy our little winter wonderland – now’s the time.
I jes hope my face dun stick dis way.


Robin Wood said...


Well, umm... I guess I won't be telling anyone what we're working on, then, shall I not?

/me grins

Jenn said...

I'll talk! I'LL TALK! Don't hurt me! I'M THE LINDBERG BABY!