Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hallowe'en is this weekend! Got your costume together?


I recently upgraded my viewer, and have made costume facepaints for Hallowe'en! There are ten designs to choose from, and all are worn on the tattoo layer. Here's a couple of pictures:

The spots on the Navi face do glow - they're on a prim attachment (to your nose, so you can still eat all your treats!).
The facepaints can be found on a table in my store, along with some other costuming ideas.
Be safe this Hallowe'en!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Polished Leather Mary Janes!

Robin's fascination with shoes continues. This week, she's come out with a new finish for her popular Mary Jane shoes; Classic polished leather.

The polish has been baked on, and appears to glow on the glove-soft leather. (Not SL "Glow".) There is a cut design of hearts and dots that follows the curve at the top opening of the toe, and the buckles are brass. The sole is textured, to provide firm footing for active feet.

Available in 7 colors (Black Licorice, Navy, Chocolate, Caramel, Red Licorice, Cotton Candy, and White Sugar) for L$150 a pair, or in a Fat Pack that contains all 7 for L$925; a 12% savings over buying them individually.

There's a resize script, so you can get a perfect fit, but it's not an evil one. It exists in only one prim per shoe, so it won't cause a lot of lag, and you can delete it once the shoe fits perfectly if you're sure your feet are not going to be growing.

You'll find a Base shoe, to shape your foot so it looks best, and an Alpha Layer to hide the bottom if you're using V2 in the pack, as well as instructions about using the script and so on.

Demos available, so you can see how nice they look in world before you spend your money! All the colors are for sale now at Kick the Can main store, or in the Robin (Sojourner) Wood store on the Marketplace.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Autumn Newness at You Know, For Kids!

Three new releases at You Know, For Kids!

First, it's Hallowe'en time, and you can't get candy without the right gear!

Jack O'Lantern Candy Bucket

This sculpted candy bucket is scripted with a hold. Clicking it will cause you to raise it up for candy, and "say" (in chat) the ol' "Trick Or Treat, Smell my feet" rhyme! Your hand will go down automatically after a couple seconds, too!

Adding to the fun, it's two special pinwheels! One for Hallowe'en and another for autumn!

New Autumn Pinwheels

These features seasonal colors as well as a particle surprise in each! The autumn one can emit falling leaves on command, while the Hallowe'en one can produce particle bats!

Pinwheel spins in the Second Life wind, and animated you as well!

Available at You Know, For Kids


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Halloween Jack 'O Lantern Tea Set

I almost forgot! I've been making so much the last few days, that I nearly forgot to post the new tea set!

It's one of my Interactive Tea Sets, which serves or cleans up tea with a touch of the tray, and gives unlimited cups of tea, saucers to hold while you sip the tea, and plates of petit fours.

You can also change the linens by touching the napkin. This time, you can set each napkin and the mat individually, so you can have any kind of color combination you like!

All this for only L$450! No Mod, No Copy, Transfer Only. Get it now at the Home and Garden Store in SL

New White Jeans!

Several people have been asking for my jeans in White, so I've done them. I mean, sure, it's after Labor Day here in the Northern Hemisphere, but Spring is just starting for our neighbors in the Southern Hemisphere!

You can have Good Jeans, Plain Pocket, or Worn Jeans (shown) in white, with a choice of six different thread colors. Available individually for L$50, or in Fat Packs with all of that type of jean in every thread color for L$225. Mod, Copy, no Transfer; so if you get the white ones, you can make them any color you can imagine!

If you want a different thread color, IM me. (Robin Sojourner, of course.)

Get them now at the Robin Wood AV Store, in the same area as the other jeans.

See you there!

Halloween Chucks!

New chucks for Halloween!

Lots of new chucks just for Halloween!

Designs range from piles of Halloween candy, to candy corn, to Black Jack the Halloween cat (shown) and on to spiderwebs in four colors with a realistic orange and black spider on the heel. (Not for arachnophobes, but nice and spooky for everyone else!) L$150 a pair, Transfer Only. There's a 1 prim resize script included so you can get a perfect fit.

Come check them out, and try a free demo!

All the Halloween stuff from last year (hats, shirts, etc) is out again, too; and more is coming!

You can find all the spooky goodness at Kick the Can Main Store, and at Robin Wood AV Store. See you there!