Sunday, December 9, 2007

Demos for Girls Snow Skins Out!

I got the demos done for the Cold Weather skins for Little Girls finished and placed in all the places where I sell kids skins.

Because there has been almost no demand for these skins (I think I've sold five, in the week or so that they have been out,) I'm no longer planning to do the whole vendor thing for the boy's skins.

Instead, I'm going to put out some Demos for them, and include a note which says that if any boys want the skins, they can IM me and I'll be delighted to sell them to them.

If I sell a dozen or so, I'll do the vendors. But it takes me most of two days to make the 54 vendor images that would be required, and I'd rather spend those two days doing things that people are interested in!

Speaking of which, there should be Luminaria with Winter Designs on them out sometime today. The designs are all done, and the script for the one-prim versions was finished yesterday. I still need to do the script for the 2-prim and the demo, and get a vendor shot, but that shouldn't take terribly long!

See you on Livingtree!



iskandra said...

I'm one of only five people???? I love the winter skins, but I always only use the lightest skin tone, with freckles, so I personally have no need to get more than one. I will poke someone who pondered getting one of the boys' skins, though-he should get his behind up and go to your store! ;)
Alyx Sands

Robin Wood said...

Hi Alyx! I'm glad you like them. :D

I don't expect anyone to get more than one of them, (although, if you get seven skins from me, you can turn in the Proof of Purchase things to get any skin you want for free.)

But we'll see how the boys skins go, when I get the demos out. Should be later today (I overslept, and am running behind. :D )

Marianne McCann said...

You missed nuttin, Robin - Sl was down for super-extended maintenance all day.