Tuesday, December 11, 2007

First Teaching Script out at the Script Shack

I placed the first of the free Teaching Scripts in the Script Shack a couple of days ago.

I'm not an Expert scripter, but I can figure out how to do most of what I want to at this point, and people have started to ask me questions about scripting; so I thought I'd put some of the basic stuff somewhere that people can get it easily.

Each Teaching Script will come in a prim that has the script running, so people can see what it does. Inside the prim will also be a second script, which isn't running, that will be heavily annotated, and a notecard explaining how to use the scripts to learn about scripting.

To use them, you'll pick up the script box (they're free) and take a look at the running script (it's labeled b). If you see something you don't understand, then open the Annotated script (a), and take a look.

You can also just read the Annotated script, but I'll warn you that it's mostly orange. :D (SL shows script comments as orange text, and all the annotations are comments.)

This first script shows the basic structure of a script, and also explains how to use Touch toggles, timers, how to get a color from an object, and how to generate random numbers.

The next one is going to explain how to get those blue menus to turn up when you touch an object. :D

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