Saturday, July 31, 2010

Eatable Candy Necklaces!

Remember those candy necklaces? When you wanted a nibble, you'd just bite a piece off. They weren't very sanitary, but they were lots of fun!

Now you can have one in SL!

This highly realistic necklace has seven different candy colors, arranged randomly on a sculpted "elastic" string.

If anyone touches a candy, it will vanish, and the necklace will announce who took what color from whose necklace, so you can chase each other around filching candy!

When it's all gone, just take it off and wear it again to have a new one, with a totally new arrangement of colors! No two necklaces are ever the same.

On sale now at Kick the Can main store (in front, where the fireworks are tonight, and then inside the store.) L$150. Mod/Transfer, no Copy.

Candy bracelet coming soon!