Thursday, June 3, 2010

New playground slide... you know, for kids!

if there's one thing I've always wanted in Second Life, it's a decent playground slide. One that looks like those big, all-metal slides of my youth. One that I and climb up the ladder and slide down. Now I am proud to say I've finally managed to put together the slide I've wanted in SL since 2006.

Playground Slide

Your avatar will go up and over! It's light on the scripts (only one sit script that is shorter than most pose balls) and light on the prims (only siz sculpted prims). Unlike my old slides, too, this one requires *no* special setup: simply rez it and sit!


It's perfect for playgrounds (especially ones with a slight tinger of retro nostalgia) and great in the backyard. Sold transferrable, and perfect for a gift! I think it will bring you lots of amusement!

You'll find it at You Know, For Kids!

* Livingtree

Also available in the SL Marketplace!-