Saturday, April 25, 2009

New 3D Texture Set from Robin

If you like Victorian millwork, you'll love the texture set I just finished!

I designed it to use as a porch for my Wheel Cottage textures, but it makes great free-standing buildings, like gazebos, as well.

Textures used on a small porch, and a gazebo

There are 30 textures here, including millwork railings, spanderels, and two kinds of brackets, both single brackets and double brackets (which work great as the inside of a box, so you can save prims on your builds.)

There's a seamless banister texture that matches the railings, beadboard for the ceiling (in two colors,) and a porch edge with either vertical siding or lattice below the facing. You also get stair edges to match, with seamless siding or lattice. And, because lattice is good, you'll also get two seamless lattice textures, one diagonal and one square, to make arbors, trellis, and windbreaks.

And of course there's gingerbread for the gable roof, both "painted on" and freestanding (with a matching shadow texture for the gable,) and a mask so you can recolor it easily in your graphics program, if you choose to do that. Or, if there's a limit to the amount of millwork you want, you can use the gable with no gingerbread decoration.

Best of all, you get sculpts to make a beautiful turned porch pillar and newel post, with shaded textures to match them, so you can have a lovely porch with surprisingly few prims. (The porch in the picture, for instance, is only 15 prims!)

All of this goodness comes with railings, banisters, spandrels, siding and lattice in either white or green. (There were too many things to put both in the same package.) If you want to recolor it, I strongly suggest buying the green, because it will give Hue and Saturation something to work with!

L$950 for the package, in either color (or splurge and get both; they look fantastic mixed!) 30 seamless, full permission textures. TRU license applies. (You're buying a license to use the textures, not the textures themselves, so you cannot resell them or give them away as textures, or on a single prim. They must be part of a build, consisting of at least two prims.)

On sale now, at TRU, and at the Texture Library in Livingtree (113, 97, 25). Come check it out!

A new playset at Pygar's Stuff!


I have put a new playset out in my store. It's for the Turtles of Mighty Nasty Temperament and includes four turtle guys and their specialty weapons, their sensei who's a rat, and their arch-nemesis who has some very sharp things for hands. :-D They also have a two-levelled play table for staging battles or just hanging out and eating pizza.

Enjoy! :-D
Pygar Bu

Monday, April 6, 2009

More new goodies!

It's springtime, and with that in mind, I've got some brand new products to announce on Livingtree!

First, at the plant stand are two brand new plant varieties! Available now is Peppermint and a Yellow Wildflower! These are only three prims and use scipted prim to make them look that much closer to the real thing! Here's a couple piccies

These are availble from the Plant Stand between the Wiccan Learning Center and Kick the Can

With the improved weather, there's also some new stuff at the campsite, including a camping table to go with the chairs, and the dutch oven both on and off the stand!

Look for those at the Livingtree campsite!

Ready to rock? Get a stone pet!

Envy your friends and their amazing AI critters from a handful of select manufacturers, but your Linden balance is not that of a Rockefeller or Chung? Finally, a solution to fit your budget!

The Stone Pet!

This loveable pet rock will sit merrily on your shoulder or in your hand, or carry him or her around in a handy pet carrier! Includes both stone versions, as well as both a carryable and low-prim display box!

What's more, these rocks are not mute! Click on 'em for a selection of fun, friendly sayings!

Available at You Know, For Kids in Livingtree!