Monday, January 16, 2012

New Things for Winter Campers!

Hard Knock Winter Camp 2012 is coming soon! It's time to pull out your Long Johns, and get ready to play in the snow.

Just in case you don't happen to have Long Johns, Kick the Can at Livingtree has you covered!

There are three separate packages, ranging in price from L$50 to L$200.

The first pack has Long Johns with the camp logo on them, printed in white with blue collar and cuffs. (Seen in the center in the image above.) They come with the tops tucked and untucked, and there are sets for both Boys and Girls in the pack. L$50, copy/mod.

The second has those, and also has a set that uses layers to be fully tintable! In order to use them, you have to have the ability to wear multiple clothing layers. (3 Jackets, 3 pairs of Underpants, etc.) That will depend on your viewer, of course. But if you can, then you can wear a set of plain Tintable Long Johns, Add the Logo layer, and then Add the Cuffs layer, and you can tint each layer individually! So you can have any color combination you want, and the logos will remain exactly as designed. L$100, copy/mod.

The third pack has the Long Johns from the first and second packs, and also includes Cold Weather Tattoos! They go on the tattoo layer, and allow you to get progressively redder as you stay outside longer and longer. There are four levels, from chilly (barely pink) to frozen (bright red.) You also get a set that's white, not red, so you can tint them if you have a viewer that lets you tint Tattoo Layers, and a non-red blood color. (Finally! Your Vulcan kid can get bright green cheeks from being out in the cold!) L$200, copy/mod.

All packs include "See my Breath" particle emitters, so it's obvious just how cold it is outside!

If you don't need the Long Johns, the Cold Weather Tattoos are available separately for L$150.

Come take a look! You'll also find things from Mari and Pygar, including an award-winning cork board from Mari!