Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Washtub Full of Drinks

Before Summer ends, there's time for a few really good picnics and outdoor parties; and everyone needs to have plenty of soft drinks available for those hot August days.

Stay cool and refreshed with a washtub filled with ice and well stocked with 13 different flavors of soft drinks in aluminum cans.

Washtub and Soda Vendor from SL

The washtub and ice are 3 prims, (and available separately as well, in a mod/transfer version, in case you want to stock it yourself.) Each can is a single prim. Touch a can to get a drinkable can of that flavor.

Attach (wear) the can, and you'll hear the familiar hiss-pop of a can opening, and start to take sips from it. It will never disappear, so if you want to leave it on as an accessory, you can.

You can also get the tub with a carton of milk in it, in case you want a healthier choice for the kids in your life.

Fully sculpted. Washtub with ice and soft drinks, L$450, Transfer only. Washtub with ice, soft drinks and milk, $L550, Transfer only. Washtub and ice, L$200, mod/transfer.

All available now, from the Home and Garden store in Livingtree. Stop by, see the washtub in "person," take a look at the 13 flavors, and get a refreshing can to drink! (Also available on XStreet.)