Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vintage Patio Furniture by R(S)W

If you love the retro look of mid-century patio furniture, and you're a resident of Second Life®, you'll enjoy the new patio furniture I've just made!

It's 100% original mesh, with all original textures (including the new Material layers, to give it that extra bit of depth and shine.)

The chairs have 12 animations built in. The lamp really works, with either Light that affects your Local Lights, or Full Bright that doesn't. You can set it to Auto, too, so it goes on at dusk and off at dawn.

The Umbrella Drinks give unlimited umbrella drinks that you can hold, with blue umbrellas if you touch the one with a blue umbrella, and pink ones if you touch the pink. You'll love the umbrellas. They have all their little ribs and things, just as they should!

Each drink is sitting on a beautifully detailed cocktail napkin, that has an original Tiki Mask and the legend "Robin's House of Tiki" printed on it in green. (Note the cat's eye glasses on the Tiki Mask.)

Best of all, the whole set is only 6 LI, and comes apart into 8 pieces that you can mix, match, and arrange as you like!

Available in six colors (Red, Teal, Green, Blue, Yellow and White.) The first five are real colors, not tints. If you want tints, buy the White; it's specially designed to make it really easy to tint any color you want! L$450. Copy/Mod. Come see it at the R(S)W Main store on Livingtree or in the SL Marketplace.

You'll be glad you did!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Robin's First Mesh Kit!

My first 100% mesh kit is out, and it's a fun one!

Seven flags hung from a tape, to celebrate, emphasize, or just for fun!

There's a bright and pretty white polka dot on solid color on each flag, for a summer rainbow, right out of the box. Or use the included UVs and shaders to make your own textures. It's easy!

I've even included a box that will download my layered .psd files to your hard drive when you touch it. You can open them up, see how I work in Photoshop, and use them to make applying your own textures to the flags a breeze!

Note that I have used Smart Objects to put your flag designs on the lowest LOD with just a few mouse clicks. You'll need Photoshop CS2 or later to use Smart Objects.

The string of flags is only a single Land Impact, and I've included examples for hanging across an opening or for hanging against a wall in the box.

There's more info, including a picture of the UV Map, on the SL Marketplace.

You can buy them now on the Second Life Marketplace or come see them on Livingtree, in SL now!

100% mesh, full perms, 1 LI, L$300.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Draped Stools - New Designs!

Robin just finished making four new draped stools, bring the total number up to 10!

The stool is an original model, in mesh, of a four legged stool in the Arts & Crafts style, with a beautifully textured quilt dropped casually on top, and falling in graceful folds to the floor.

There are 8 poses in the stool, and you can adjust the placement to suit your needs.

Most of the quilts are Robin's original designs, too. (The exceptions are a traditional Arkansas Crossroads design, and a Summer in the Park design.) All of them are available from the R(S)W Quilt Shop except for the blue and white sampler quilt (center back in the picture above) which is only available from the The R(S)W Circle SubscribOMatic, located in all R(S)W stores.

Six of them are also available at the SL Marketplace.

1 LI each, Copy/Mod, 8 poses, all original work, L$125

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Picnic Table 3.0 - Mesh ALL the things!

Robin is in the process of making a mesh of all the things that she's previously made in SL. (As well as coming up with new things.)

As part of the mesh-making process, she's redone her Picnic Table!

Now it's only 4 LI for all four pieces (table, cloth, and 2 benches.)

There are still custom poses in the benches, with 3 sitting positions in each one, so the bench seats 3 if they are small or like to be really cozy, and 2 if they need a bit more room.

Scripts in each piece let you change the wood for the table and benches (choose from 6 colors) or the tablecloth pattern (choose from 20 designs.)

They're all copy/mod, so you can tint them, resize them, or add your own texture to the cloth. You can add your own texture to the wood, too; but it won't have the baked in shading and highlights of the current textures.

The tablecloth takes any square texture with no distortions or cropping, so it's perfect if you want to make your own special tablecloth designs.

For more info, or to buy one, check the listing on the SL Marketplace, or come see one at the R(S)W Main Store on Livingtree.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Changes Coming to Livingtree!

Hi Everyone!

Everything changes; but Livingtree hasn't changed in while. Next Tuesday, April 9th, that is going to change!

The land is going to shift some, buildings will change, some places will vanish, and others will suddenly appear. When it's done, we think that Livingtree will be more beautiful and welcoming than ever. (It'll certainly be more  up-to-date.)

We're not telling you exactly what we're going to do, because that would ruin the surprise.*

But if you have a place on the island that you're particularly fond of, or you want to see it in its current state one last time, you have a week to do it in.

We're all excited, and can't wait! It's going to be great. :D


Robin, Mari & Pygar

*If you don't like surprises, IM Robin Sojourner or Marianne MacCann, and we'll tell you what's going to happen.