Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Newness from You Know, For Kids!

Four new goodies from You Know For Kids, perfect for the holidays or any time!

First an update on my Ballerina Music Box!

This new edition has a more robust mechanism, playing swan lake. Click it to open the lid, watch the fully sculpted ballerina and key turn, and listen to the music. Wind again to hear more, or to close the box back up!

Also, say "howdy" to the Buckaroo BB Gun! Kinda sorta like what a legandary Wild West hero like Red Ryder might us

It is an actual scripted weapon, so I suggest using it with adult supervision. It shoots tiny BB pellets that can cause (minor) damage in damage-enabled areas. Don't shoot your eye out, kid.

It includes aiming and holding poses, of course. :-)

Next up: The Glow Bug!

This lovable, huggable, worm-like plush doll is the perfect nighttime friend! Comes with a hold pose, and clicking on Glow Bug's head produces a soft night light!

Prims are modify for that perfect fit, and Glow Bug is transferrable, making it the perfect gift for any kid -- or kid at heart!

Finally, introducing Little World Doll

Little World Dolls, representing four nationalities, these dolls are "goodwill ambassadors" from a simpler time. Designed as dolls and decanters, they are at home in the bath, in the bedroom, or even as a kitschy decoration in your living room! Perfect for playtime, too!

This is a pack of all four dolls! Modifiable and transferrable, great for gifts or just for fun!

All of the above are available at You Know, For Kids in Livingtree and on the marketplace!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

More cheek art in the gatcha machines!

New cheek art out today at You Know, For Kids in Livingtree and Bay City! Better quality art plus more designs!

New Cheek Art

With Second Life's viewer 2.0 came a new tattoo layer, allowing for this new goodie! Since then, it has been picked up by many popular third-party browsers, too! Although you can only wear them on a viewer that supports tattoo layers, people can see them on you no matter what version of the Second Life browser they're using!

I recently updated the designs, hand-drawing them and getting a little help from my friend Robin Sojourner to provide better quality cheek art. Also have a couple new ones in the package: 21 designs available, including rainbows, suns, hearts, butterflies and even spiders, skull & crossbones, and snakes!

Sold in a gatcha machine (You know, those capsule machines like you see at the mall or supermarket), so you can randomly win one of the designs every time you buy. Transferrable too, so you can trade with friends!

Available at You Know, For Kids in Livingtree!

* Livingtree

Hope you all enjoy!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Busy Times at Livingtree!

This has been a busy week!

Redd Columbia is sponsering a ThanksGIVING Food Market in Salchicha Harbor which benefits the World Food Programme.

She's built a beautiful barn, all strung with lights, and put tables, benches, and things inside like a farmer's market. Then she invited everyone who wants to participate to put out food related items. Anything, really, just so long as it is connected to food in some way. Everyone is also giving a percentage from their sales to WFP.

I made a new Harvest tea set, some red Mary Jane shoes with a bow and a peppermint, and some Holiday Candy Chucks. I'm also selling seven other things that I already had that happen to have food on them, or actually be food!

While I was at it, I made the Mary Janes in a few other colors, too. I hope to get them up on the Marketplace after I'm finished recording the Tutorial tomorrow.

Then, while unpacking a box of stuff in First Life (yes, we're still doing that most days) I came across Michael's old propeller baseball cap, and just had to bring that into SL™! I already had the cap, so all I had to do was the propeller, and a few other details. Those should be coming out sometime this week.

Which gives me more stuff than I can fit in the Kick the Can store as it stands now, so I'm going to be adding another floor to it! I designed it to do that, way back when, so it's not going to affect the outside. But it'll almost double the room that I have to work with inside. Tomorrow I'll get some shelves done for all the shoe boxes, and then I'll be making the changes live in world!

So... lots done, and lots still to do! But at least it's all fun. :D

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hallowe'en is this weekend! Got your costume together?


I recently upgraded my viewer, and have made costume facepaints for Hallowe'en! There are ten designs to choose from, and all are worn on the tattoo layer. Here's a couple of pictures:

The spots on the Navi face do glow - they're on a prim attachment (to your nose, so you can still eat all your treats!).
The facepaints can be found on a table in my store, along with some other costuming ideas.
Be safe this Hallowe'en!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Polished Leather Mary Janes!

Robin's fascination with shoes continues. This week, she's come out with a new finish for her popular Mary Jane shoes; Classic polished leather.

The polish has been baked on, and appears to glow on the glove-soft leather. (Not SL "Glow".) There is a cut design of hearts and dots that follows the curve at the top opening of the toe, and the buckles are brass. The sole is textured, to provide firm footing for active feet.

Available in 7 colors (Black Licorice, Navy, Chocolate, Caramel, Red Licorice, Cotton Candy, and White Sugar) for L$150 a pair, or in a Fat Pack that contains all 7 for L$925; a 12% savings over buying them individually.

There's a resize script, so you can get a perfect fit, but it's not an evil one. It exists in only one prim per shoe, so it won't cause a lot of lag, and you can delete it once the shoe fits perfectly if you're sure your feet are not going to be growing.

You'll find a Base shoe, to shape your foot so it looks best, and an Alpha Layer to hide the bottom if you're using V2 in the pack, as well as instructions about using the script and so on.

Demos available, so you can see how nice they look in world before you spend your money! All the colors are for sale now at Kick the Can main store, or in the Robin (Sojourner) Wood store on the Marketplace.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Autumn Newness at You Know, For Kids!

Three new releases at You Know, For Kids!

First, it's Hallowe'en time, and you can't get candy without the right gear!

Jack O'Lantern Candy Bucket

This sculpted candy bucket is scripted with a hold. Clicking it will cause you to raise it up for candy, and "say" (in chat) the ol' "Trick Or Treat, Smell my feet" rhyme! Your hand will go down automatically after a couple seconds, too!

Adding to the fun, it's two special pinwheels! One for Hallowe'en and another for autumn!

New Autumn Pinwheels

These features seasonal colors as well as a particle surprise in each! The autumn one can emit falling leaves on command, while the Hallowe'en one can produce particle bats!

Pinwheel spins in the Second Life wind, and animated you as well!

Available at You Know, For Kids


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Halloween Jack 'O Lantern Tea Set

I almost forgot! I've been making so much the last few days, that I nearly forgot to post the new tea set!

It's one of my Interactive Tea Sets, which serves or cleans up tea with a touch of the tray, and gives unlimited cups of tea, saucers to hold while you sip the tea, and plates of petit fours.

You can also change the linens by touching the napkin. This time, you can set each napkin and the mat individually, so you can have any kind of color combination you like!

All this for only L$450! No Mod, No Copy, Transfer Only. Get it now at the Home and Garden Store in SL

New White Jeans!

Several people have been asking for my jeans in White, so I've done them. I mean, sure, it's after Labor Day here in the Northern Hemisphere, but Spring is just starting for our neighbors in the Southern Hemisphere!

You can have Good Jeans, Plain Pocket, or Worn Jeans (shown) in white, with a choice of six different thread colors. Available individually for L$50, or in Fat Packs with all of that type of jean in every thread color for L$225. Mod, Copy, no Transfer; so if you get the white ones, you can make them any color you can imagine!

If you want a different thread color, IM me. (Robin Sojourner, of course.)

Get them now at the Robin Wood AV Store, in the same area as the other jeans.

See you there!

Halloween Chucks!

New chucks for Halloween!

Lots of new chucks just for Halloween!

Designs range from piles of Halloween candy, to candy corn, to Black Jack the Halloween cat (shown) and on to spiderwebs in four colors with a realistic orange and black spider on the heel. (Not for arachnophobes, but nice and spooky for everyone else!) L$150 a pair, Transfer Only. There's a 1 prim resize script included so you can get a perfect fit.

Come check them out, and try a free demo!

All the Halloween stuff from last year (hats, shirts, etc) is out again, too; and more is coming!

You can find all the spooky goodness at Kick the Can Main Store, and at Robin Wood AV Store. See you there!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mary Janes for SL Girls!

If you're a girl who likes dresses, then you need dress shoes! And what kind of shoes say "dressy" like good, old fashioned Mary Janes?

Now you can have beautiful, realistic, Patent Leather Mary Janes to go with all your outfits in world!

These highly detailed sculpted shoes are only 8 prims each; but have all the detail you've come to expect from Robin Sojourner. The soles are textured, there are stitches and silver buckles, an eyelet patterned border, and inside the lining is sprinkled with hearts!

Plus, since they are patent leather, they're shiny! :D

Available individually in 8 colors or as a Fat Pack if you want them all (8 pair for the price of 7.) Shoe base and Alpha Layer for v2 are included. Transfer only, so they are perfect for gift giving, but there's a low-lag resize script that lets you get a perfect fit with ease. (Script is in only one prim per shoe.)

Come try a demo now, in the Girl's section of the Kick the Can Main Store!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pirate Chucks! Arrgh!

Ahoy, Matey! In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, there are 3 kinds of Pirate Chucks available at Kick the Can and the AV Store!

They come in Black (shown), Pink, and Purple!

L$150 for a pair of shoes. No copy, No mod, but there's a really nice, low-lag resize script that lets you easily get a perfect fit. When you're done, you can delete it, so your shoes won't even have that one little script in them.

Come try on a demo now, at the Kick the Can store or the AV Store in Livingtree. Avast ye!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cutest Chucks Ever!

Robin has been working on new Chucks for kids! They're Chuck Pets, and are just like bunny slippers. Only they're not bunnies, and not slippers. :D The first batch are kitties!

You can choose White, Calico, Siamese or Black (which is perfect for Halloween.)

All of them are slip ons, which means that they don't have bows, and the laces are arranged in a ladder pattern.

L$150 for a pair of shoes. No copy, No mod, but there's a really nice, low-lag resize script that lets you easily get a perfect fit. When you're done, you can delete it, so your shoes won't even have that one little script in them.

Come try on a demo now, at the Kick the Can store in Livingtree.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Candy Bracelets!

The candy necklaces for SL™ were so much fun that I made candy bracelets too!

These are just like the necklaces, but bracelets (which makes them considerably harder to "catch"!)

Bite a piece off by touching it, and the bracelet will announce who took it, what color it was, and whose bracelet it was from, so you can keep track when having "bracelet wars". When the candy is gone, and just the "elastic" string is left, simply detatch and re-wear to have a whole new bracelet, with a new arrangement of candy! Never the same twice.

Mod/Transfer (no Copy). L$100 for the bracelet, or L$200 for the set with both the necklace and bracelet.

Available now from all Kick the Can stores and places, and from XStreet. Enjoy!

New Flip Flops!

Nothing says "Summer" like kicking around in cheap flip flops. Now you can do it in SL™!

These beautifully sculpted 3 Prim flip flops are made to be colored in whatever dazzling hues you can imagine, and decorated with whatever fun (and modifiable) prims you want to have dangling from your sandals. (Instructions for resizing, coloring, and decorating are included.)

They come in 13 designs, ranging from plain through checkers, stripes, swirls, and polka-dots, and into footprints and the Vitruvian Man!

You can buy one design, or a Fat Pack with all 13. You can also get them for adults, or already sized down to 0 for kid feet.

Copy/Mod/No Transfer. 1 pair for L$65, or all 13 for L$650 (it's like getting 3 pair for free!) On sale now at the Robin Wood AV Store and all Kick the Can stores.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Eatable Candy Necklaces!

Remember those candy necklaces? When you wanted a nibble, you'd just bite a piece off. They weren't very sanitary, but they were lots of fun!

Now you can have one in SL!

This highly realistic necklace has seven different candy colors, arranged randomly on a sculpted "elastic" string.

If anyone touches a candy, it will vanish, and the necklace will announce who took what color from whose necklace, so you can chase each other around filching candy!

When it's all gone, just take it off and wear it again to have a new one, with a totally new arrangement of colors! No two necklaces are ever the same.

On sale now at Kick the Can main store (in front, where the fireworks are tonight, and then inside the store.) L$150. Mod/Transfer, no Copy.

Candy bracelet coming soon!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New playground slide... you know, for kids!

if there's one thing I've always wanted in Second Life, it's a decent playground slide. One that looks like those big, all-metal slides of my youth. One that I and climb up the ladder and slide down. Now I am proud to say I've finally managed to put together the slide I've wanted in SL since 2006.

Playground Slide

Your avatar will go up and over! It's light on the scripts (only one sit script that is shorter than most pose balls) and light on the prims (only siz sculpted prims). Unlike my old slides, too, this one requires *no* special setup: simply rez it and sit!


It's perfect for playgrounds (especially ones with a slight tinger of retro nostalgia) and great in the backyard. Sold transferrable, and perfect for a gift! I think it will bring you lots of amusement!

You'll find it at You Know, For Kids!

* Livingtree

Also available in the SL Marketplace!-

Monday, May 31, 2010

Water balloons!

Happy summer! It's been hot here, and I know of few better ways to cool down than a serious water balloon battle!

Water Balloons

Fresh in stock, You Know, For Kids water balloons! Just attach and go into mouselook to go after friend or foe! Upon hit, the balloons pop, particle water is released all over your target, and a satisfying splash is heard! The balloons even change color randomly! Buy it for yourself or get a "Golden Ticket" to give water balloons to a friend!

Also in today is the Summer edition of my pinwheels! This time, a new look and sun-shaped particles upon command!

Both the water balloons and the pinwheels are available at You Know, For Kids!


Happy summertime from You Know, For Kids!

Friday, May 21, 2010

New Blue Willow Tea Set!

There's a new tea set out! It's the Blue Willow china pattern, which is one of the oldest and most recognizable china patterns still in production. I reinterpreted the design from an antique plate, and made cups, the teapot, sugar bowl, creamer, spoons and napkins, all nicely arranged on a tray!

This very special pattern has a legend attached to it. I've retold that, too; a copy is included with the tea set.

Like my other tea sets, you or anyone in your group can serve tea by touching the tray, or clean it up by touching it again. (It's a toggle.) If any of you touch the napkin, you can change the embroidered design. (There are 3 to choose from.)

Anyone who touches the luncheon plate gets their own plate of petit fours to hold. Anyone who touches the teapot gets their own steaming cup of tea to sip, and a saucer to hold in their left hand. (All the animations are built in, of course.)

If you touch the cup while you're drinking tea, you get a menu of tea choices ranging from Earl Gray, through Jasmine, chai, and 9 others.

The pot and plate give endless cups and servings of petit fours; so you can rest assured that all your guests will have as much tea as they care for.

Available in Blue (as shown) Black, Green and Red. (All the traditional colors.) If you want to see all the colors, or all the embroidery patterns on the napkins, please visit the Blue Willow Tea Set page on my website. L$450, transfer only (no copy, no mod.) Available from XStreet or from my Home and Garden Store on Livingtree. (If you go there, you can try out the demo!)


Friday, April 30, 2010

Misses Microphone... You Know, For Kids!

Feel like making your voice heard? Try the new You Know, For Kids Misses Microphone!

Misses Microphone

To use, simply wear from your inventory and preface anything you want amplified with '/88'. Anything you say on channel 88 will be shouted in green text. So if you type in chat "/88 Hey there, good looking, we'll be back to pick you up!", you'll see in chat "(your name) shouts: Hey there, good looking, we'll be back to pick you up!"

Available at You Know, For Kids!

* Livingtree

Friday, April 2, 2010

New newness at You Know, For Kids!

Two new releases this week!

First, it's the tooting horn!

Tooting Horn Ad

It's the sort of horn you may recall from parades and ball games!

To toot your horn, simply click it. You'll raise it to your mouth and hear the horn toot" Your hand will go down automatically after a couple seconds.

Available in blue, red, or black, or in a fat pack with all three colors (perfect for parties!). Versions for adult and kid-size avatars included!

Also, a new version of my kids' play table

Kids' Play Table Ad

Replacing my 2006 vintage version, this one still uses sit targets to save you from a few extra scripts while still allowing for a good sit every time. Now featuring sculpted support brackets and better textures for a more realistic appearance!

Both the horns and the table are available at my store in Livingtree.

* Livingtree

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring has sprung at You Know, For Kids!

Just in for Spring - The You Know, For Kids Flower Petal Headband!

Flower Petal headbands

To use - simply wear! It attaches to your mouth by default (leaving room for most common hair attachment points), but you can adjust as needed. It's mod, so you can resize if you need to, and transferrable, which make it perfect for a gift!

Availble in pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple, or as a fat pack at a discount price!

Available at You Know, For Kids in Livingtree!

* Livingtree

Monday, March 22, 2010

New playset at Pygar's Stuff!

Happy Spring!

I have some cool dinosaur toys in my store now, in a playset! There's five different ones, some copiable plants and a diorama to play with or display them on. The dinos are all modifiable too, so you can make em as big as you like (or maybe smaller, if you want.)

They're all low-prim, too, so you can have one out in your room all the time! I have the stego on my desk at home! :-D

Pygar Bu

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Goodies - You Know, For Kids!

St. Patrick's Pinwheel

Adding to our selection of fine pinwheel designs comes this one for St Patrick's Day or anyone who wants to show a little "Irish Pride." Features green blades, including a shamrock pattern. Also, while holding say "patrick" for a shower of airborn clover!

Pinwheel spins in the Second Life wind, and animates you as well!

Also new: Cheek Art! Yes, little face paintings for boys, girls, and everybuggy!

Cheek Art Ad

16 initial designs available, including rainbows, suns, hearts, butterflies and even spiders, skull & crossbones, and snakes! Designed using the tattoo layer on SL Viewer 2.0, but people on all versions of SL will be able to see them!

Sold in a gatcha-gatcha machine (You know, those capsule machines like you see at the mall or supermarket), so you can randomly win one of the designs every time you buy. Transferrable too, so you can trade with friends!

Also check out my other goodies (Whee-Los, EZ Bake Ovens, Lamps, Music Box, Lemonade Stand, Wax Lips, Pinwheels, and more), an all the other goodies for both kids an adults!

Available at the following You Know, For Kids in Livingtree!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Easter Stuff Out!

We're starting to put the Easter stuff out, at Livingtree!

The very popular Jewel Egg Wind Chimes are back! Beautiful designs, beautiful sounds, you can't beat it!

The Easter Tea Sets went out yesterday, both the real ones, and the matching Doll sets!

Both let you (or anyone in your group) serve tea to your guests, change the linens, and clean up! Anyone can get a cup of tea, or a plate of petit fours, with a touch. If you touch the teacup, you can choose the kind of tea you'd like to drink. (Or, if you're using a Doll set, you can choose Orange Juice, Water, or Pretend Tea - which is always a different color!)

Come see the demos!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Baby Blocks... You Know, For Kids!

New from You Know, For Kids - a barrel of baby blocks!

Yes, a barrel of baby blocks! simply rez the barrel and tell it to "dump out blocks" to have a set of sixteen blocks at your disposal. All letters are available, and a couple spares, just in case! They rez out as physical objects, but you can turn that on or off with a simple command. When you're finished, just say "clean up blocks" to tidy your room or sandbox!

It's copyable, and all prims are modifiable (incase you need bigger or smaller blocks). No transfer, but if you need it as a gift, you can buy a "golden ticket" for them at my store for easy gift giving!

Available at You Know, For Kids in Livingtree

Also check out my other goodies (Whee-Los, EZ Bake Ovens, Lamps, Music Box, Lemonade Stand, Wax Lips, Pinwheels, and more), an all the other goodies for both kids an adults!

Also available at XStreetSL!