Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Changes Coming to Livingtree!

Hi Everyone!

Everything changes; but Livingtree hasn't changed in while. Next Tuesday, April 9th, that is going to change!

The land is going to shift some, buildings will change, some places will vanish, and others will suddenly appear. When it's done, we think that Livingtree will be more beautiful and welcoming than ever. (It'll certainly be more  up-to-date.)

We're not telling you exactly what we're going to do, because that would ruin the surprise.*

But if you have a place on the island that you're particularly fond of, or you want to see it in its current state one last time, you have a week to do it in.

We're all excited, and can't wait! It's going to be great. :D


Robin, Mari & Pygar

*If you don't like surprises, IM Robin Sojourner or Marianne MacCann, and we'll tell you what's going to happen.