Thursday, September 8, 2011

New stuff at Pygar's Stuff!

Hi there!
Acouple weeks ago, at one of the summer fireworks shows, there was a girl with a Deadwood tag looking for vintage toys for their role-play community. She was not having any success, so I told her I'd start working on some. So, now I've got a papier-mache style doll in my store:
I think she turned out pretty nicely, and in only 7 prims! I used Robin's cuddle script for a hold, included three sizes with dresses in five colors (pink, yellow and blue in that piccie, peach and green are the others).
Now I'm working on cast-iron pull toys and bell toys. I made a good horse figure I can use, and then got distracted LOL!
This carousel horse is also seven prims, but just sits there and looks nice. :-D
Well, that's all the news I have. I'm going to be helping Mari build Inner Child Camp on the virtual Playa for Burn2 for the next couple weeks. Then back to cast-iron toyland!
Enjoy! :-D
Pygar Bu

Friday, September 2, 2011

Party, Sale & Gatcha Festival at The Nest!

Okay, it's not really Livingtree; but I have a store in The Nest, and this week we're doing a special Labor Day/End of Summer/Sim Opening parts and celebration!

The parts kicks off at 4 PM SL time, with a couple of DJs, and lots of other festivities.

The Gatcha festival starts then, too. I made a little white wicker occasional table for it, with a quilted cloth that's finished with lace and satin in the border on top. There's a pile of 3 books on the table shelf, and a flowerpot full of blooms on top of the table. The table, books, and plant are 3 different objects, so you can use them together, or separately.

It comes in 9 varieties, with 9 different quilts, and 9 kinds of flowers.

The flowers are from the Arctic Greenhouse; but all the rest of it is my own original sculpts and textures. There's a lot of detail here. The shadows of the lace are burned into the table top, there's a raised design on the flowerpot, and the books are real books that I actually own.

Here's a closeup of one with White Flag Iris, so you can get a better idea of what a single table looks like.

Just L$65 for a try. Come visit my Gatcha machine at The Nest

Also, as part of the promotion and sale, I have set my picnic table, and all the snack coolers and ground quilts for sale at 50% off the normal price! Yep, half off, but only at my Home & Garden Store at The Nest. They're still full price in my main store, and the Marketplace, because we're trying to encourage people to come see The Nest.

And really, it's well worth seeing! It's right next door to Cheeky Pea (you can see my shop from the Cheeky Pea main store) and most of your favorite furniture, home and garden stores are right there on one of the two sims.

So come by and check it out!