Wednesday, April 30, 2008

DarlingDanny Dolly!


DarlingDanny has joined his special friend HowdyKat in my store! He's available in the doll bin either separately - he's sitting on top - or with HowdyKat as a set from the bin itself. Also, the Spring Editions of HowdyKat and DarlingDanny are still available for another two weeks! Summer's coming!


Saturday, April 26, 2008

New from You Know, For Kids -- the Hi-Bounce Playground Ball!

Yes, the red rubber playground ball, perfect for all sorts of fun and games. Rolls and bounces. high bounces on touch. Copyable (no transfer) so you'll never lose it and can use as many as you want!

New Plants

It also makes "that sound." You know the one.

Anyway, check it out at You Know For Kids in Livingtree, or in my loctions in Inner Child Depot and Tiny Tykes!

Some spring goodies in the plant shack!

Fresh new plants are now available at the Plant stand in Livingtree!

New Plants

Look for the new California Poppies, Woodruff, and Lupine at Livingtree (160, 166, 25)

Affordably priced, and only five prims. Can be modified and transferred, making it great for a gift.

While there, check out the other plants, including amaranth, basil, black-eyed susan, corn cockle, dandelion, geranium, hawkweed, lavender, mallow, mugwort, mustard, oregano, orchid, parsely, white poppies, rosemary, sage, and yarrow. Most are available in potted and unpotted varities. A deluxe, pre-made herb garden is also available.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Stuff at the Kick the Can Playground!


I just finished a new play structure and put it up for use behind the big tent on the SE corner of the island.

There are a few parts to it, set for sale individually so you can create your own structure as big or small as you like. The slide has an animation in it (it does not work for tinies, or other avies requiring an A/O). And I put a sign in my store that will teleport you over to the playground!

Have fun! :-D

Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Plain Pocket Jeans

Due to popular demand, I've made some Plain Pocket Jeans; like my Good Jeans, but without the heavy embroidery on the back pocket.
RW Jeans - Good and Plain Pocket Modify/Copy/NO Transfer

While I was at it, I changed the Permissions on the Good Jeans to Modify/Copy/No Transfer, and put together Fat Packs with seven pairs of jeans in them for the price of five. The Fat Packs are the Blue, Black, or Light Blue jeans in all the thread colors, or seven different colors of jeans all with the Gold or White thread.

As always, the Jeans have no seams except where seams would be on real jeans, so you'll look as good from the side as you do from the front or back. Each pair of Jeans has both Pants and Underpants with the Jeans texture on it, so you can wear them tucked into boots, or layered with other clothing, with ease.

There's a new display, too.

I still need to put out the sign that says that you can have any combination of thread and jean color you'd like for L$150; but if you're reading this and you want a combo that isn't out, feel free to IM me and ask for it.

And, as an added bonus, because it's not really possible to try on clothing in Second Life™, I've put up an Almost Free pair of Jeans that go along with the Almost Free Hawaiian shirt. They are very blue, and have lime green stitching. You can buy them for L$1, and try them out to see if you like my Jeans.

The Jeans fit both adults and kids. I'll be putting some vendors out in the various kid stores next week; but there will always be more choices in the main store, so check it out!

All of this goodness is available now, from my store in Livingtree. Jeans are L$50 for a pair, L$250 for a Fat Pack with seven pairs. Modify/Copy/NO Transfer.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Playset at Pygar's Stuff!


I have a new playset available in my store. It's a School Doll House that you use with your own dolls! It fits my dolls, and a couple of the other dolls you can find in SL, like the freebie Cootie. (Cooties have to learn who to infect after all...)

The school desk and chair are copyable and modifyable, so you can have as many students in your classroom as you wish, and you can make them whatever color you like. I've included a notecard with instructions for how to do this. :-)

See you on the island! :-D

Saturday, April 5, 2008

20 New Nail Polish Colors for Spring/Summer!

I just put out vendors with 20 fresh new colors of nail polish! The polish is for your toenails (socks) and fingernails (gloves) and, due to popular demand, includes a set of the toenail polish For Pants, that incorporates a dark gray shaded pant bottom (like my free Barefoot Socks) so your pants don't end in a flare the color of your ankles!

The new nail polish, displayed at the Robin (Sojourner) Wood AV Store.

All previous Nail Polish colors that are still for sale have been upgraded with this feature too; so you can buy any colors and not worry about your pant legs. (If you have already purchased some colors, IM me (Robin Sojourner) to get the For Pants version if you'd like it.)

I'm also implementing a program that I've been intending to get going for some time, that allows you to collect seven Proofs of Purchase, and turn them in for any Nail Polish color you'd like! Yep, you heard right! Buy 7, and get the eighth one absolutely free!

The Proofs of Purchase look like bottles of Nail Polish, too, so you can display them while you're waiting to collect enough for your freebie. (There are 11 colors, and the bottles are only 2 prims each.)

Redemption details are in the sign under the vendor. Just touch it to get a copy.

The polish is copy/mod/no transfer (but the vendors have a gift button, if you'd like to get it for someone else.) L$75 for fingernail polish, and toenail polish for wearing with and without pants. Available now from the AV store. Livingtree (104/128/24). See you there!