Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Winter on Livingtree Island

After two successive winter storms, Livingtree has transformed into a Winter Wonderland. Snow blankets the ground, the river is iced in, and frost coats the trees. A few new, seasonal activities have also cropped up on the island, taking full advantage of the winter weather.

In front of Robin (Sojourner) Wood's AV Store, you can borrow one of Bloodsong Termagant's snowmobiles. Likewise, a kid-sized version is available in the front of Kick The Can. Both can provide you with quite a bit of fun, and can get you some tremendous air if you hit the high points just right. Vendors for both all reside near the snowmobile rezzers.

A three-ring ice skating area is nestled in the area between Polt Pfft (the rocky outcropping on the east coast), the play yard, and the mud puddle. It's full of ramps and other stuff, including a trampoline and a ring of fire!

A holiday gingerbread house has taken residence near Cheep Cheep landing. It looks tasty.

You can make your very own snow angel out in front of Kick The Can, too, as well as play in the poofy snow piles that dot the island.

In the stores are more to add to the fun, including holiday pinwheels in You Know, For Kids, a build your own snowman kit (and some pre-made ones for those with no time to build) at the AV store and Kick The Can, and the cold-weather skins, new kids' sweaters (and an exclusive one in the Kick The Can lucky chair), and the holiday luminaria mentioned below.

More goodies are sure to descend in the next few, as the holiday season continues.


Justine said...

Did you post older entries and change the date or have I been missing out on this?

Marianne McCann said...

A few entries down I mention dat, ya. I put a lot of old entries (from my personal journal and the SL forums) in here and backdated them. I wanted to make sure there was a lot more here than woulda been, and also wanted to include dat history.

Justine Colville said...

I'm guessing that you're at the boring place or you're bored waiting for SL to re-open :)

Marianne McCann said...

Or maybe a bit of both!