Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bears, More Bears, and Bears to Spare!

(The rhyme is Mari's, by the way, so don't blame me! :D )

I've been working on new stuffed bears, to replace the old ones basic prim ones. These are made with Sculpties, just like the Limited Sales Date Holiday Bear.


But, of course, these aren't limited, aren't the same color combination (the Honey bear has brown eyes, not green ones,) and they don't have hats and scarves.

Instead, these guys have color-changing bows. Just touch the bear, anyplace, and you can choose from a menu with eleven different colors, or choose to have "No Bow" (which is really transparent.) You can also make the bow an infinite range of colors, if you want, because these bears are Copy/Mod. But the menu is easier. :D

Like the Holiday bears, if you use Local Rotation, the arms, legs, and head move just the way they would on a real bear. (A real toy bear, I mean. Don't try to move the arms and legs on a real live bear; neither of you is likely to enjoy it.) This makes posing them a snap.

I have five colors of bears done now, and plan to take pictures and pop them into a vendor today sometime; so they should be out in the store and ready to buy late this evening, or early tomorrow.

I think you'll like them!

(And no, this isn't the thing that Mari was threatening to scowl about. That's way more complex, and isn't ready yet. :D )

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Marianne McCann said...

I care for spare bears!