Saturday, December 15, 2007

Free! Holiday Goody Boxes for Kids & Adults!

I have the Goody Boxes for kids and adults out in the middle of Livingtree Island now!

Mari put a funny toy in each of them, and I filled them with clothes, candy and stuff (more clothes, in the adult one, and less stuff.) Seven different things, all told, in each one! (Not counting the parts and variations.) And best of all, once you've unpacked the box, you can empty it out, put your own presents in, and give it to someone else! (It's mod/transfer, just so you can.)

Here's a sneak peek at a couple of the things you'll find in the Adult box. The Kids box has the candle, too, but a different sweater.

Picture of Robin Sojourner with a blue and white moose sweater and a vigil candle

Both of these are new designs, and not available anywhere else at the moment, and the box is free! So come and get yours!

It's also snowing now, all over Livingtree. Come play the Elven Drums, sit by one of the campfires, or skate in the snow!

See you there!

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