Friday, October 8, 2010

Autumn Newness at You Know, For Kids!

Three new releases at You Know, For Kids!

First, it's Hallowe'en time, and you can't get candy without the right gear!

Jack O'Lantern Candy Bucket

This sculpted candy bucket is scripted with a hold. Clicking it will cause you to raise it up for candy, and "say" (in chat) the ol' "Trick Or Treat, Smell my feet" rhyme! Your hand will go down automatically after a couple seconds, too!

Adding to the fun, it's two special pinwheels! One for Hallowe'en and another for autumn!

New Autumn Pinwheels

These features seasonal colors as well as a particle surprise in each! The autumn one can emit falling leaves on command, while the Hallowe'en one can produce particle bats!

Pinwheel spins in the Second Life wind, and animated you as well!

Available at You Know, For Kids


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