Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Candy Bracelets!

The candy necklaces for SL™ were so much fun that I made candy bracelets too!

These are just like the necklaces, but bracelets (which makes them considerably harder to "catch"!)

Bite a piece off by touching it, and the bracelet will announce who took it, what color it was, and whose bracelet it was from, so you can keep track when having "bracelet wars". When the candy is gone, and just the "elastic" string is left, simply detatch and re-wear to have a whole new bracelet, with a new arrangement of candy! Never the same twice.

Mod/Transfer (no Copy). L$100 for the bracelet, or L$200 for the set with both the necklace and bracelet.

Available now from all Kick the Can stores and places, and from XStreet. Enjoy!

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