Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New White Jeans!

Several people have been asking for my jeans in White, so I've done them. I mean, sure, it's after Labor Day here in the Northern Hemisphere, but Spring is just starting for our neighbors in the Southern Hemisphere!

You can have Good Jeans, Plain Pocket, or Worn Jeans (shown) in white, with a choice of six different thread colors. Available individually for L$50, or in Fat Packs with all of that type of jean in every thread color for L$225. Mod, Copy, no Transfer; so if you get the white ones, you can make them any color you can imagine!

If you want a different thread color, IM me. (Robin Sojourner, of course.)

Get them now at the Robin Wood AV Store, in the same area as the other jeans.

See you there!

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