Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Goodies - You Know, For Kids!

St. Patrick's Pinwheel

Adding to our selection of fine pinwheel designs comes this one for St Patrick's Day or anyone who wants to show a little "Irish Pride." Features green blades, including a shamrock pattern. Also, while holding say "patrick" for a shower of airborn clover!

Pinwheel spins in the Second Life wind, and animates you as well!

Also new: Cheek Art! Yes, little face paintings for boys, girls, and everybuggy!

Cheek Art Ad

16 initial designs available, including rainbows, suns, hearts, butterflies and even spiders, skull & crossbones, and snakes! Designed using the tattoo layer on SL Viewer 2.0, but people on all versions of SL will be able to see them!

Sold in a gatcha-gatcha machine (You know, those capsule machines like you see at the mall or supermarket), so you can randomly win one of the designs every time you buy. Transferrable too, so you can trade with friends!

Also check out my other goodies (Whee-Los, EZ Bake Ovens, Lamps, Music Box, Lemonade Stand, Wax Lips, Pinwheels, and more), an all the other goodies for both kids an adults!

Available at the following You Know, For Kids in Livingtree!

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