Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spring has sprung

I have had a fairly active week in the workshops, slaving over the prims. Clearly, Livingtree needs some child labor laws!

Where I live in the real world, unlike some others who live and work on Livingtree, spring has arrived. The sky is clear and bright, the trees are in bloom, and Robins (no, not with the last name Sojourner) practically infest my yard.

Because of this, I've got my spring pinwheel in the store!

Spring Pinwheel

It's a mere three prims, spins, and animates your avatar, as well as scatters particle daisies around you. It's fun an bright colored, and can be found in the kick the can store.

With the retreat of winter on the island, too, I've begun to focus on outside fun -- especially the campsite I've added two new things over there:

Camp Chair

This chair took a bit of time, mostly with getting the animation to work right for this somewhat unusual portable-style camp chair. The canvas back, too, can change into a number of different colors with a simple voice command.

Oh, and no, it is not that kinda camping chair You don't get Lindens by sitting in it. They are in a pretty spot on the island, though!

Dutch oven

Also, this dutch oven was a bit of work too. The oven itself is sculpty which, while I'm still a novice at, came out pretty good if I say so myself. Touching the pot will also give you a nice, steaming cup of stew with a sipping pose and everything.

You'll find both of those out at the campsite on the north-east end of the island. I'm hoping to have a few other things done in the next week or so.

Anyway, more prims to fling!


Robin Wood said...

Umm.. Child Labor laws don't apply to kids who are working without a wage, in a family business. :D

Sorry, Mari!

Marianne McCann said...