Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy Imbolc!

The spring thaw is upon Livingtree!

Spring is returning

With the retreat of the heavy snow that blanketed Livingtree this winter, we're seeing a return to the flora and fauna indigenous to the island. The willows are showing their early spring color, and the waterfowl have moved back upstream.  Soon the snow will melt fully away, and the early flowers of spring will start to peek up around the island.
As the weather warms, some of our winter past times will be packed away for the season. If you haven't come to ice skate or snowmobile, you'd best not wait much longer.  Likewise, now is the last call for getting your own build your own snowman kit. They won't be available for much longer!
For those child avatars returning from Camp HardKnock and missing the winter conditions in Leden North, this will be a fine time to enjoy camping at the far end of the island, or fishing at the other.

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