Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cakes and Presents!

Mari's Rez Day was great! (Although she did crash the Sim, exploding things. :D) If you missed it, I'm really sorry. You should try to get to her fireworks show the next time she has one. They are spectacular!

And now everyone knows what the Big Tent behind the school is for!

That's right, it's for Parties and other Celebrations. We'll be renting it out, and when it's not being used for that, I'm going to have Cakes, Gift Boxes, Balloons, Banners, and other things like that for sale.

I made the first cake for Mari's RezDay.

Two Tier cake, with pink and yellow icing roses

When the owner touches it, she gets a menu that lets her light the candles, blow them out, or get a plate with cake and ice cream. Everyone else just gets a plate when they touch it.

This is what it looks like with the candles lit.

Same cake, but with the candles burning

I'm particularly proud of the one-prim icing roses on that cake. I think they turned out really well. I need to do something about the leaves, though, before I think it's salable. At the moment, they are also one prim each, which makes for lots of prims. But as soon as that's fixed, there will be cakes for sale. :D

Behind the cake, you can see the first of the Gift Boxes. They use a script that was originally written by Eladon. (I swapped some stuff for it.) You can set the gift to be opened by a specific person, on a specific day, without the risk of selling it to them for L$0.

When that person opens it, the top slides off, and particles explode out of it, to the sound of a fanfare. It also gives whatever is in the box to that person, whether the things are copiable or not.

I need to tweak it a tiny bit more (Eladon wrote it so that you can change the ribbon color, but I'd like to change the paper color, too,) and then that will be ready as well.

With any luck, it'll all be in place in a couple of weeks, tops.

Stay tuned for more developments!

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