Sunday, January 13, 2008

Upgraded lamps!

I'm starting a week off form my real-life pursuits, and focusing a bit on some long-delayed projects within Second Life. First of them, and with a bit of help from Robin, my popular Girl's Room, Boy's Room, and Baby's Room lamps are now improved!


You can now click on the lamp to get the option of turning it off, on, or set it to "auto" to have it turn on by itself at sundown and off automatically every sunrise! Now you can always have light when you need it to scare away the monster in the closet!

Available at You Know, For Kids in Livingtree as well as the other locations for You Know For Kids products.

If you have a previous edition and wish to upgrade, contact me directly for an upgrade.

Oh, and here's me this week:


See? busy busy!

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