Friday, August 24, 2007

You Know, For Kids: Playland Mall and other locations!

You Know For Kids! is no longer in the Playland Mall, due to the sad closure of this venerable kid's location. We wish Cricket Nelson the best on all her future endeavors!

My store remains in all its other locations, including our flagship store at Livingtree, within its own wing at Robin (Sojourner) Wood's Kick The Can store. Livingtree

You'll also find some of my most popular goodies at my other You Know, For Kids locations: Inner Child Depot, booth 103 (Fletcher) and ClownTown (Masquerade Island).

What do I make? Animated, spinning pinwheels, Underwoos, EZ Bake ovens, Bright-Lites, "Slow: Children At Play" signs, kids' lamps, and my lemonade stand, playground slides, incredible low lag kids picnic tables, a "Playground" sign, and even more goodies!

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