Sunday, August 12, 2007

Recreations on Livingtree

(You can get a copy of the below in note card form at the information kiosk in the middle of the region.)

While commercial venues keep the region alive, Livingtree is full of recreational activities for both new and veteran residents. The island is home to the following past times.

Livingtree Island hosts a Neo-Realms fishing facility. Neo-Realms provides top quality fishing fun throughout Second Life, and we are glad to host Cheep Cheep Landing.

To fish, purchase a fishing rod and some bait - there is a very inexpensive beginners' set that can get you started. Equip your rod by selecting it from your inventory, right clicking, and selecting "wear." Rez the bait can by dragging it from your inventory to the ground. A blue menu will prompt you to load the bait into your rod. Once this is complete, find yourself a comfy spot and type "/1 cast" (without the quotes) into open chat. Different rods and bait catch different fish, there are quests you can participate in and charms you can get to increase your experience. You can use your fishing rod at any Neo-Realms location. You might just see some of the top fishers in Second Life right here in Livingtree, especially during tournaments!

While swimming is available anywhere you see water, the Bay of Kids is likely the best overall spot. You can dive from off of Polt Pfft (the large, rocky outcropping near the bay), or take a ride down the waterslide. You can even frolic in the waves next to a pod of friendly dophins! To swim, we recommend The Swimmer HUD (heads up display), available from Waterworks, and created by Siggy Romulus. You do not need it to dive or slide, but it provides swimming animation and splashing sounds when in water.

A public campsite can be found on the north end of the island. Feel free to sleep over, or simply warm your bones at the campfire!

An archery target lies not far from camp. You can click the stump to get a free bow and arrow: wear these by selecting them from your inventory, right clicking on each, and selecting "wear." To fire, enter mouselook (M on your keyboard, or select it from your "View" menu), look towards the target, and click your mouse key. After a round, leave mouselook by hitting escape, and check out where your arrows landed on the target. Best of luck on getting a bull’s eye!

Livingtree Drum Circle
A complete drum circle also sits tothe north, behind the Wiccan Learning Center and Broom Closet. Simply click on a drum and choose "sit here" to begin drumming. You can click whatever drum you are playing to change the pattern. Be considerate of others, if people are already drumming, ask if you may join - and do not click other people's drums.

You’ll find a pair of borrowable kayaks available at the Northern end of the river. To use them, simply right click on a kayak and choose "sit here." You will be provided with a paddle which you may use by selecting it from your inventory, right clicking, and selecting "wear." You can use your arrow keys to steer your kayak left and right, as well as forward and backward. Multiple clicks on the up or down arrow can also increase or decrease your speed. We recommend a slow kayak ride down the river in the middle of the region as a great way to relax and recharge.

You may disembark from a kayak at any time, and they will automatically return to their pier after five minutes. You will not be charged any fee for taking these kayaks out on the water; if you enjoy your ride and want a kayak of your own, you'll find a kayak vendor at the kayak pier.

Bird and animal watching
Livingtree is home to many birds, fish and animals. Many varieties of fish, water-going mammals, and other creatures exist in our depths, and several species of fine feathered friends can be found around the island. Look for buntings, an owl, seagulls, a heron, a kingfisher, and other avians. Also enjoy the antics of our three squirrels, Slappy, Foamy, and Hammie, under the Livingtree in the middle of the region.

Look also around the Livingtree in the middle of the region for a birdseed vendor. For L$1 you can buy some seed. Rez the seed by dragging it from your inventory to the ground. Many different birds will be attracted to it.

The whole island can be hiked and explored, and there is always something to watch for. Rumor has it there might be a pirates' cave hidden somewhere on the island. Can you find it and claim the treasure as your own?

A skate park can be found on the roof of Kick The Can. To skate, purchase a pair of skates from the Skoopf vendor, then wear these by selecting them from your inventory, right clicking on each skate (the HUD is optional), and selecting "wear." You can move normally, though page up will allow you to make some exciting jumps, while page down gives you lots of smooth moves. A large slide is also available, allowing you to walk up to get to the park - or slide down to leave.

Play activities
You will find a playground behind the Kick The Can store, designed for child avatars. Two slides, several swings, hanging frames, and other activities are available, as well as a small covered patio for snacks. Also near here is a slip and slide, a tree for climbing, and a big, muddy spot for getting dirty in. Don't worry about messing up your clothes, though: a washing machine is located nearby!

Park area
Look for a park area behind the garden gadgets store. It's a nice place to relax after a stressful day.

Educational activities
To the south in a small, domed building, is Robin Sojourner's texture tutorial, allowing a plethora of tips and advice about creating and using textures within Second Life. Simply follow through the step-by-step tutorials for a great education. For additional materials, look at the library building just to the west of the tutorial, There you'll find books providing more information. You can read them in the library, or buy a copy to take home. To the north you'll also find the Wiccan Learning Center, a nice reading room with several texts covering various aspects of Wiccan beliefs and practices.

Enjoy your visit to Livingtree. All respectful people are welcome on the island.

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