Thursday, August 16, 2007

Plant Stand: Four fresh herbs and plants!

Look for four new varieties to our, ahem, growing collection of plants and herbs!

In ancient Greece, the Amaranth was sacred to Ephesian Artemis: it was supposed to have special healing properties and as a symbol of immortality was used to decorate images of the gods and tombs. It is considered astringent and a decoction of the flowers has been administered in spitting of blood and various hemorrhages.

The "opium" poppy was known in very remote times. It was originally used only as a medicine, the practice of opium eating having first arisen, probably in Persia. Unexcelled as a hypnotic and sedative, and is frequently administered to relieve pain and calm excitement.

The Ancients were well acquainted with the shrub, which had a reputation for strengthening the memory. On this account it became the emblem of fidelity for lovers. It holds a special position among herbs from the symbolism attached to it. Not only was it used at weddings, but also at funerals, for decking churches and banqueting halls at festivals, as incense in religious ceremonies, and in magical spells.

Yarrow was formerly much esteemed for healing, and its old names of Soldier's Wound Wort and Knight's Milfoil testify to this. Yarrow Tea is a good remedy for severe colds, being most useful in the commencement of fevers, and in cases of obstructed perspiration.


These join our other herbs and plants currently for sale: basil, corn cockle, dandelion, geranium, hawkweed, lavender, mallow, mugwort, mustard, oregano, orchid, parsely, and sage, and will look great in one's home or garden.

Affordably priced, and only five prims. Can be modified and transferred, making it great for a gift.

Available at Livingtree (160, 166, 25)

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