Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Robin has a New Store!

This isn't happening at Livingtree; it's happening at a brand new sim called "The Nest" which is attached to the Cheeky Pea sim. But if you are interested in shopping for your Home and Garden, and interested in Robin's Home and Garden store, then you'll want to know this!

The Nest is a home and garden shopping paradise, with all your favorite Home and Garden stores. (Places like the Loft, LISP Bazaar, Theosophy, Clutter, Mud Honey, Thistle Homes, north west, Second Spaces, and many, many more.)

The sim is beautiful, with a main street, some cottages, and a farm and "shacktown" on the wrong side of the rails. I wasn't early enough to get a store on the main street, but I did manage to get one of the shacks! So Robin's Home and Garden Store is right there on the same sim as the Big Names!

I'm very excited about this, and am already starting to get more home and garden stuff done. You can see the "Rail Quilt" I did just for this shop in the picture. (The shack really needed something to brighten it up!)

So come on down to Robin's Home and Garden at the Nest and take a look at my new digs!

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