Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Coolers!

Labor Day is almost upon us; time for cookouts, tail gate parties, outdoor concerts, and one last picnic on the beach!

Take along all the snacks and drinks you want, for just 2 prims, with my brand new Large Snack Cooler!

It's packed 14 different snacks, and 21 beverages, in 5 categories (Healthy Snacks, Sweet Snacks, Soda Pop, Juice, and Milk.)

Just touch the cooler to get a menu that lets you choose the category, and then click the button for the category you want to get a random snack from that group! So you can see if you really do get the peanut butter and jelly sammich, or if you're given a raw carrot instead.

You get unlimited servings, so if you don't like sugar cookies, you can feed it to the ducks, and try again for the choklit cupcake!

There are no alcoholic drinks, so it's safe for families with kids and teenagers.

When you're tired of standing around eating muffins, you can have a seat right on the cooler! Just right click and Sit Here to sit on top of it. Then touch the handle to choose from 9 different seat poses; 3 on the cooler, 3 sitting on the ground, and 3 lying down.

All the poses are adjustable, and the cooler will remember the adjustments for people who sit there frequently.

The cooler, and most of the food, are original sculpts and textures; and there's one pose specifically for watching fireworks or clouds that's also original. Available in 5 colors, that match the colors for the Water Coolers.

Transfer Only, L$300. Available now at the Home and Garden Store on Livingtree at Robin's new Home and Garden store at the Nest and on the Marketplace.

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