Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's June! Time for Flip Flops!

And Robin has made a bunch of beautiful new ones, using brand new, all original sculpts.

The sole has been remade so it has no pinch points. This means that it looks perfect from any angle, and that the texture isn't distorted, and doesn't "shatter" anywhere.

The strap has been remade so that it's exactly like the straps on cheap flip flops in Real Life. The sides curve around under the foot, and all three places where it attaches to the sole end in "buttons" that show on the bottom.

Shadows have been baked on, so they will always look great.

And best of all, they are only 2 prims, so you can leave them lying around as decorations! (And wear them too; they're copyable!)

There are two kinds; the Basic flip flops, like the Plain ones shown above, are designed for tinting. The only colors used are black and white, so the colors you make them are pure and clean, and as bright as you like! Since the "buttons" really are part of the strap, when you tint the straps the buttons turn that color too. They will always look authentic on the bottom of the sandal.

All the flip flops are copy/mod, you can tint them to your heart's desire, or add decorations (as long as you have copy/mod perms on the prims you want to add,) make the straps partially transparent, resize them, and keep all the variations. You can make a whole wardrobe of different colored flip flops to match all your summer outfits.

They come in six different designs (so far!) including plain, white polka dots on black, checkerboard, horizontal stripes, a fun footprint design and a graphic of the Vitruvian Man that stretches across both flip flops.

The second type, shown above, already have colorful designs on them. Robin is really enjoying making these, and has six done and lots more planned. So far, you can have Water's Edge (shown above,) Pride (vertical rainbow stripes), Fiesta (festive, multicolored horizontal stripes), Denim Swirls (soft blue grunge, with a delicate white pattern of swirls and flowers that cover both flip flops, with a butterfly on the right one,) Chocolate Labels (antique chocolate labels,) and Picnic (a red and white checked picnic tablecloth pattern.)

They all come in adult sizes, good for men and women with realistically sized feet, and in kid sizes ready for size 0 feet. (The kid size Basic Footprints are shown above.) There are no scripts, but they are very easy to resize. Also included is a base shoe (although you probably won't need it; they work fine on bare feet) and instructions for tinting, resizing, etc. (although you probably don't need those, either.)

L$65, 2 prims, copy/mod; on sale now at Kick the Can and the AV Store and also from the Marketplace.

Come and take a look!

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