Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Small People Growing Bigger!

Hi there! Just wanted to give an update on the new line of toys I've got... :-)

There are now four Small People playsets out, and I am working on the next four. \o/

Each playset is modify/copy (any textures are copy/transfer so you can use them with the dolls and stuff) and has a notecard explaining how to put everything together so you can get to playing with it! They are also very low prim - make a whole village of these guys. :-D

So far there are two types of houses - a conventional one and a treehouse, an art studio with a buncha original drawings and paintings by me (go ahead and add your own!!) and a remote-controlled school bus. I had a lot of fun play-testing the bus. :-)

In the works are a farm, castle, boat, airplane and the Blinging Disco! Gotta have a dance club, this is Second Life!

Stop by and take a look -
Pygar Bu

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