Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Bear 2009

The Holiday Bear for 2009 is finished, and available now wherever Kick the Can toys are sold! This is the fourth in the series of Robin Sojourner's Collectable Holiday Bears.

This year, he's a chocolate brown bear with bright green eyes, warmly dressed in a Holly green knitted cap with cheekflaps and a bright red tassel, and matching scarf. The year is on the scarf in gold yarn.

Like all of Robin's bears, this fellow has arms, legs, and head that are carefully sculpted so that they move like the limbs on a real stuffed bear, making him very easy to pose. For your convenience, there are already 5 poses in the pack, including 3 "carry" poses with animaitons, so you can hold him in your right hand, left hand, or cuddled to your chest.

Copy/Mod - NO Transfer. Please use the Gift option on the vendors if you are buying the bear for someone else. 15 prims. L$150. Available now from the Kick the Can main store, and also from XStreet SL.

Come see him, and get him soon if you want him, because on Jan. 1, 2010 he's going to be gone forever!

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