Monday, November 30, 2009

Winter Comes to Livingtree!

Just in time for the Holidays, it's Winter on Livingtree! The island is covered with snow, the River has frozen over, and the Skating is Good!

The Musical Ice Floes that some of you may remember from last year are back, as well as the Barrel Jump, the Traffic Cones and the Ring O' Fire!

New this year is an Ice Castle for you to rest and relax in after skating the length of the river a few times.

The Winter Teasets are back in the shop, refurbished with new, smoother sculpties (including a beautiful new spoon) and a slightly tweaked script that lets anyone in the group serve tea, or clean it up.

The Christmas Gift Boxes are back, too, and there are new Long Johns, so you can stay warm while out skating.

More new stuff (and fondly remembered old stuff) will be appearing over the next few weeks, so stop back often!

See you there!

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