Friday, December 19, 2008

Yule Log!

With the Holidays fast approaching, it's time to light the Yule Log in SL™!

And I have just the log for you to light. :D

Picture of the Yule Log, with candles out and lit, and different colors picked for each candle.

The log is Blue Spruce, with 3 candles in black cups inserted into it, decorated with the traditional plaid bow with a round shiny red Christmas ball in it, and greens and white branches (with red and gold glitter) fixed behind the bow.

Each candle is scripted individually, so you can touch each one and get the menu that allows you to choose the color you want, light or extinguish it (Full Bright or Local Lights) or set it to Auto so that it will light itself at dusk, and extinguish itself at Dawn.

This means that you can have 3 different colors, or one candle that uses Local Lights, and 2 that are full bright, or only light the one in the middle, or any other combination you want!

All this, for only 12 prims!

No mod, no copy, but they are Transferable, and make great gifts.

Available now, from the Home and Garden Store on Livingtree (85, 128, 24). L$125, 12 Prims, NO Copy/No Mod/Yes Transfer

See you there!

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