Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Yuletime Tea Sets!

I've gotten 3 new tea sets done, with Yuletide themes, for your holiday decorating!

Interactive Tea Sets

The new designs include a Christmas Tree, a Christmas Sleigh (with Sanata, kids, and presents) and Snow Children (a Victorian boy and girl, dressed all in white and holding seasonal plants, against a backdrop of seasonal greens.)

These are like my other tea sets, but with different designs on the virtual china. And this time, if you touch the napkin, you'll get a menu that gives you your choice of 3 full linen sets (not just a recoloring) that have different embroidery on the napkin, and different place mats under the china.

If you, or anyone in the group the Tea Set is Set to, touches the tray, you can serve steaming hot tea, or clean all the dishes in a flash!

If anyone at all touches the plate of petit fours, they'll get their own plate, with 3 petit fours on it, and an animation so they can hold it.

Touch the Pot, and anyone will get an empty saucer to wear in their left hand, and a cup to wear in their right. Touch the cup, and a menu will appear with 12 varieties of tea to choose from. So you can sit or stand, and gracefully hold your saucer and sip tea.

All of them are on sale now, from the Vendor in the Home and Garden Store, or in the igloos set up on the River, while Livingtree has its Winter Festival!

Which, by the way, is going on now! I'll have more about that later.

Finally, if you've heard that the Lindens slapped me with a "Warning or Suspension of Service" notice last Sunday at 1 AM SL time, because they suddenly found the Kid Skin vendors which have been up for more than 2 years now, and which they approved a year ago, unacceptable, it is true.

The rule, when I was growing up, was "If it's flat, you don't have to cover it." But it seems that this is no longer true in SL™.

I'm appealing the "Warning or Suspension," not so I can put those vendor images back, but so I can get the Black Mark off my record. I'll have more about that when I know more.

In the meantime, the vendors are back, in the same places, but showing only the faces of the models. If you'd like to see a skin, please get a free demo from the pictures above the vendor, and examine it yourself, in a private place.

At the moment, I am planning to remain in SL. I have too many obligations to too many people there not to.

And for all those who have written or IMd me to show your support, I deeply appreciate it. Thanks.

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