Saturday, September 27, 2008

Girls Overalls - Now in Green!

The overall outfit is now available in green, with embroidered bears!

Girl's Green Overalls

If you're a girl kid, this is one of the most flexible outfits you're going to find, with 17 different pieces in the pack!

You get overalls with prim straps that have 3 different pant lengths (shorts, long pants, and rolled pants with prim cuffs) and a cute flexi skirt. The pant lengths are really different, not just slider adjustments. The shorts have stitching along the hem, the rolled pants have tucked wrinkles around the knees, and the skirt has its own pair of Glitch Pants that have a fabric ribbon to match the skirt panels.

You also get two different shirts; a long sleeved striped t-shirt, and a blue short sleeved t-top with teddy bear fabric binding around the neck, and a keyhole and teddy-bear button in the back. Both shirts come "tucked in" on the Undershirt and Shirt layer, and "untucked" on the Jacket layer, so you can mix and match and layer them with other pants and skirts.

Finally, you get a pair of striped tights that match the long-sleeved T-shirt. Like the shirt, the stripes have no seams (although they do distort when you move, of course, since this is SL.) You'll find that the stripes run the way they would on real tights, too; they don't suddenly become vertical on the foot, like some striped stockings you'll find in world.

All the pieces are copy/mod, so you can tint them, shorten the sleeves on the T-shirt, turn the tights into knee socks or anklets, or do whatever else you like, while still keeping a copy intact. You can also set up your favorite combinations, and save them as outfits.

With these pieces, you can mix and match and wear a different combination every day for weeks! Not even counting what will happen when you mix and match with other outfits you already own. :D

All of this for only L$250. Available now from all Kick the Can stores, in the vendor with the other overalls.

NOTE: The Khaki Overalls and Halloween Overalls now have skirts as well! If you bought either of them, and would like the skirt, IM me, (Robin Sojourner,) and I'll drop one on you.

See you in Livingtree!

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