Sunday, August 3, 2008

Toy Tea Sets for Kids!

If you're a kid who likes tea parties, you're going to love the newest release from Kick the Can!

It's a toy Tea Set to use with your dolls and teddy bears! (You can also get just the Teapot, if you don't have the budget or prims for the whole set. See below.)

Tea set in its box, and displayed for use. The text on the image says,

This beautiful set is exactly like the one for grown-ups, down to the elegant sculpted handles, and the Garden Rose pattern on the pieces. The only difference is that it's scaled down, for kids to play with.

There are 16 pieces in the set, but only 30 prims. If the owner touches the tray, the teapot will begin to steam gently, the teacups will fill with steaming tea, cream will materialize in the creamer, 3 full-size petit fours will magically appear on the luncheon plate, and the set will announce "Tea is Served." Touch it again, and all the food will vanish, leaving sparkling clean dishes.

Anyone can touch the teapot, and they'll be given a cup of tea to wear in their right hand, and an empty saucer to wear in their left.

Touching the cup will cause a menu to appear, giving a choice of 12 different "teas", including a water (very weak tea,) Orange Juice (since this is for kids, after all) an empty cup (traditional for doll's tea parties) and Pretend tea, which is a different color and transparency every time, because imagination is like that.

Anyone who touches the luncheon plate will get a plate of petit fours to hold in their left hand.

The whole set costs L$375 (less than the adult set, because it's just a toy, after all.)

For kids without the budget or prims for the whole set, the teapot is now available on its own!

It's a mere 3 prims, and only L$100. You can serve tea with it by touching the handle. When you do, it starts to steam. To stop it, touch the handle again. You can get the same cup and saucer by touching the belly of the pot, and the petit fours by touching the spout. So, really, it has all the functionality of the set, with one tenth the prims used!

Both are available now from the Kick the Can main store, and from all the other Kick the Can stores throughout the grid. (The Demo for the whole set is only at the Main Store in Livingtree.) See you there!

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