Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Light Script Updated, and New Things Coming!

It's been a while since I posted, but that's because things have been so busy around here.

There's not much new stock out yet (just a script update, really) but there are lots of things in the pipeline, so with any luck, there will be several new posts this week!

First up, there are new updated light scripts.

Vendor Image of the Script with Box and Descriptive Text (Just says what the light does.)

This is an update of my script from last year. I've added several important features.

First and foremost, you can now set Glow for both the light bulb and the shades. (They are set independently, of course. They can even vary between bulbs and shades on the same lamp.)

The Menu that the end users gets has also been changed, with Full Bright and Auto Bright now added to the former "On, Off, and Auto" group. This will allow your users to have lamps that appear to be lit, but don't actually add to server load, or affect Local Lights.

The scripts are also more efficient "under the hood", so they should run more quickly and cause even less lag.

They are still just as easy to use, though. The Beta Testers were really surprised how quickly and simply they could build whatever lamps they could dream up!

For a full description, see the SL Forum Post that I wrote about them.

If you have a copy of the Copyable or Transfer/Copy 1.0 scripts, this is a free update. IM me (Robin Sojourner) to get yours.

There's other stuff coming for SL as well. Vigil candles (that you can hold) should be out sometime this week, and I've decided to make ready-made Kid AVs, for those people who just want to be able to buy a box, and turn into a kid! More about that later. (But I will say that, if all goes well, I'll be making some things that people have been begging me for for years. :D )

I've also finished a set of Juice Bottles for kids. Those are done, so I should be able to post about them tomorrow.

I'm also working on low-prim tea sets, more kids clothing, and some other surprise things. So, if I can just stay well, and pull the time together, it should get fairly exciting around here, pretty soon!

Stay tuned!

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