Friday, June 20, 2008

New Picnic Tables!

I actually got this done last week, and entered it in the Show & Tell last Sunday, (where it took third place. :D ) But I'm just blogging about it now because I've been running behind all week.

Picnic Table, showing two of the animations, and swatches of the 11 tablecloths.

It's shaped like a traditional Picnic Table, with a tablecloth on it. But since this is SL, all you have to do is click the cloth, and you'll get a menu that lets you choose from 11 different designs that range from traditional picnic checks to stripes, lace, or a quilted table runner and six place mats. Or, if you'd prefer, you can choose not to have any tablecloth at all!

Since we can't control our own arms and legs in SL, I've also put six "sit targets" into the benches, three on each side. (That means that when you click on the bench, you'll find yourself sitting at the table, facing the way you should.) Each one has multiple animations built in, so you can eat with a knife and fork, or eat with a spoon. Or, if you're not hungry, you can sit and chat facing the table, straddling the bench, or sitting backwards and using the table as a backrest, so you can talk with people who aren't sharing the table with you.

All told, there are seven poses in each of the four end seats, and five in the center places. (They don't have the Straddle poses, since they don't work well in the middle.)

The benches are free-standing, so you can use the table without them, if you'd like to.

The 3 pieces (table and two benches) are all No Copy/No Mod/Yes Transfer, and you can buy the set for L$150. It's on sale now in the Home and Garden store at Livingtree (85, 128, 24). Look for it in the same vendor with the Luminaria and Windchimes.

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