Friday, June 6, 2008

Beat the SL® Heat with Primsicles!

Fun, cool, yummy frozen treats for those steamy days in SL! Perfect for eating on the beach, or snacking while watching the Summer Fireworks! (Don't forget, fireworks every Saturday evening, at Livingtree!)

Picture of the box, the Primsicles, and two kids gobbling them up, so you can see how they melt and drip.

The Primsicle itself is made from a Sculpted prim, with normal prims for the stick. They come in a delightful box, (All Virtual!) with all the things you'd expect on a box of real Popsicles®, but of course the design is totally original.

To get one, you touch the box. It'll give you a random, realistically textured Primsicle from the six flavors that are included (Berry, Cherry, Grape, Lemon, Lime, or Orange.) You can see the frost on them, and the colors are really "right."

To "eat" it, just Wear it from your inventory. Animations are included that randomly choose one of several ways to eat it, at random time intervals, so you look more like someone eating a Popsicle, and less like a wind-up toy going through mechanical motions. (How well the animations work will depend on the length of your avatar's arms. They were designed for kids, although everyone can enjoy them, of course.)

As you eat, the Primsicle will drip, and slowly vanish, until there is nothing left but a stained stick. (The color of the stain depends on the color of the Primsicle, just as it should.) The animations will release when it's gone, of course. No sense chewing on an empty stick!

Put the empty stick back in your inventory, and when it re-rezzes, it'll be new, and ready to eat again! If you put a half-eaten one away, and when you wear it again, it'll be half-eaten, so you won't miss a single delicious fruit-flavored bit.

You can get an unlimited number from the box, so you should be set for Primsicles for the whole summer!

On sale now, L$150, from the Party Tent behind Kick the Can, Livingtree (212, 85, 24).

See you there!

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