Saturday, April 5, 2008

20 New Nail Polish Colors for Spring/Summer!

I just put out vendors with 20 fresh new colors of nail polish! The polish is for your toenails (socks) and fingernails (gloves) and, due to popular demand, includes a set of the toenail polish For Pants, that incorporates a dark gray shaded pant bottom (like my free Barefoot Socks) so your pants don't end in a flare the color of your ankles!

The new nail polish, displayed at the Robin (Sojourner) Wood AV Store.

All previous Nail Polish colors that are still for sale have been upgraded with this feature too; so you can buy any colors and not worry about your pant legs. (If you have already purchased some colors, IM me (Robin Sojourner) to get the For Pants version if you'd like it.)

I'm also implementing a program that I've been intending to get going for some time, that allows you to collect seven Proofs of Purchase, and turn them in for any Nail Polish color you'd like! Yep, you heard right! Buy 7, and get the eighth one absolutely free!

The Proofs of Purchase look like bottles of Nail Polish, too, so you can display them while you're waiting to collect enough for your freebie. (There are 11 colors, and the bottles are only 2 prims each.)

Redemption details are in the sign under the vendor. Just touch it to get a copy.

The polish is copy/mod/no transfer (but the vendors have a gift button, if you'd like to get it for someone else.) L$75 for fingernail polish, and toenail polish for wearing with and without pants. Available now from the AV store. Livingtree (104/128/24). See you there!

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