Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hilarity ensued!

Our Easter/Ostara/Springtime festival was a blast!

We had a good crowd of avatars in attendance for the gathering, held on a Sunday Afternoon in Second Life. Unlike most Sundays, SL was pretty stable, too! We decided to take some real-world activities and bring them to second life but, unlike everyone else, not do an easter egg hunt.

We started with egg coloring: Pygar and I set up a set of eggs and textures, with some basic instructions on texturing one with the other. In our new tent -- graciously recolored into bright spring tones by Robin -- we put these eggs as well as a large selection of refreshments.

Egg Coloring

Everyone had great fun coloring their eggs, going far beyond the textures we provided into tie-dye, windlight glow, shiny, and even attaching the bunny ears my brother was handing out to the crowd.

After everyone finished eating and dyeing, Pygar led folks on a nature hike of the island describing the local wildlife to the crowd. There really are a lot of birds, fishies, an other animals to be found on the island, especially with spring in full swing.

Nature Hike

The hike ended near Cheep Cheep Landing, where I'd set up our egg roll. Much like a real-world egg and spoon race, contestants had to push an oversides egg down a path and into the goal. After a couple heats, we had a winner: a young neko boy named Oahu took home the Golden Egg for 2008!

Egg Rolling Contest

Finally, to end the day, we awarded the best easter outfit. This was hard with so many pretty outfits, but a girl named Bella took the prize with her darling spring chick costume.

All in all, folks seemed to have a lot of fun doing events a bit different from the norm in Second Life. Look for moe fun stuff in the future!

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