Friday, July 12, 2013

Draped Stools - New Designs!

Robin just finished making four new draped stools, bring the total number up to 10!

The stool is an original model, in mesh, of a four legged stool in the Arts & Crafts style, with a beautifully textured quilt dropped casually on top, and falling in graceful folds to the floor.

There are 8 poses in the stool, and you can adjust the placement to suit your needs.

Most of the quilts are Robin's original designs, too. (The exceptions are a traditional Arkansas Crossroads design, and a Summer in the Park design.) All of them are available from the R(S)W Quilt Shop except for the blue and white sampler quilt (center back in the picture above) which is only available from the The R(S)W Circle SubscribOMatic, located in all R(S)W stores.

Six of them are also available at the SL Marketplace.

1 LI each, Copy/Mod, 8 poses, all original work, L$125

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