Thursday, September 8, 2011

New stuff at Pygar's Stuff!

Hi there!
Acouple weeks ago, at one of the summer fireworks shows, there was a girl with a Deadwood tag looking for vintage toys for their role-play community. She was not having any success, so I told her I'd start working on some. So, now I've got a papier-mache style doll in my store:
I think she turned out pretty nicely, and in only 7 prims! I used Robin's cuddle script for a hold, included three sizes with dresses in five colors (pink, yellow and blue in that piccie, peach and green are the others).
Now I'm working on cast-iron pull toys and bell toys. I made a good horse figure I can use, and then got distracted LOL!
This carousel horse is also seven prims, but just sits there and looks nice. :-D
Well, that's all the news I have. I'm going to be helping Mari build Inner Child Camp on the virtual Playa for Burn2 for the next couple weeks. Then back to cast-iron toyland!
Enjoy! :-D
Pygar Bu

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