Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Worktable from Robin!

Tired of a drab, dull, boring workroom? Spruce it up with a new worktable from Robin, for only 2 prims!

It's a shabby chic table, in the Arts and Crafts style. The bottom part is a single sculpty prim, with four sturdy legs and a shelf that's perfect for storing the things you need to keep rezzed in world. The top work surface is a normal prim, so it never looks like a sphere, never vanishes as part of the rezzing process, and has no bounding box issues at all.

Touch it, and the top changes from chipped paint to a handy builder's grid for working on. Touch it again, and it reverts to the chipped paint for off hours (or to use as a display in your store!)

At its default size it's 2.5m x 5m, which makes a nice, generous working surface for small to medium sized objects.

But if that's not the size you like, you can change it, since the table is copy/mod. You can also change the rest, of course, and keep a copy for backup.

Available in Blue (shown,) Cream, or Green. $L150, Copy/Mod/NO Transfer.

On sale now at the SL Marketplace at Robin's Store in Bay City and at the Home and Garden Store in Livingtree. Come take a look!

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