Monday, March 9, 2009

Fishing Tournaments!


Your Fishmaster here, to tell you about some of the stuff going on at Cheep Cheep Landing.

We've started creating custom fishes and other stuff for the 7Seas fishing game. We are also holding tournaments on Saturdays at 6:30pm SLT, hosted by yours truly! :-D Prizes are custom trophies by Mari and Gift Certificates to Robin's stores for the first through third place winners.

The customs are being made by all three of us, and we are planning a lot of them! Mari has been making cute toy fish, and she has a topiary fish that must be seen to be believed! I have made a balloonfish (be surprised there) and am working on a custom rod with my own animations - usable with the invisible rod without the standard animations. And Robin has a nice shirt in there, with her standard three different clothing layers (undershirt, shirt and jacket layers). We are also thinking about making a craftable thing, but so far that's just a thought. :-)

We also have set up the bounty hunting minigame. It's set to randomly select any rarity of catch right now, and I set it to randomly select Common fish during the tourneys so fishers of all skill levels can catch something!

I am also exploring the idea of holding Neo-Realms tourneys on our dock. Feel free to tell me what you think in IM or notecard. :-)

Come on down and fish anytime!
Pygar Bu, Livingtree Fishmaster

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