Thursday, February 5, 2009

Season's Change

There's no real shadows in Second Life, so what could our groundhog be afraid of?

Those who have visited Livingtree the last few days have noticed a metamorphosis on the island: the ice is gone from Livingtree's waterways, and the snow has slowly been melting off. Beneath the snows, the bright green color of fresh plant growth is taking hold. It's highly likely that Livingtree will be starting into spring in no time.

At the plant stand, you'll find a fresh updating of all the plants, using a brand new sculpt map to deliver the highest quality plants we've ever had. All the plants, herb beds, and individual plants are now taking advantage of this new sculpt map. Take a look at the below image -- or visit the plant stand in Livingtree for an idea of how good they look.

I mentioned the new Toy Flying Fish in the waters around Cheep Cheep Landing. I should also mention that some special prizes can be found in our Neo Realms fishing distributor as well. We added these when we became one of Neo Realms few Gold level fishing camps. For those who use the 7 Seas system, I should also mention our weekly fishing Tournament, just after 6:30 p.m. SLT on Saturday at Cheep Cheep Landing, and hosted by Phate Shepherd and Krystal Wrigglesworth.

One more thing: if you weren't quite done with winter, our Livingtree Outpost, located in the Dasher sim, is still available. We're slowly moving in some of our Valentine's Day stock before the area goes away: please feel free to stop by and check out this little bit of Livingtree-outside-Livingtree.

Enjoy the coming of Spring in our neck of the virtual world!

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