Friday, May 16, 2008

New Teddy Bears!

I just finished three new teddy bears! You can see them in the main Kick the Can store now.

The Panda Bear, in the three Carry animations

Here's the new Panda bear. I also made a Moon Bear* and an American Black Bear.

These are Sculpty Bears, and like the ones that have been out for some time they come with five bears in the pack. Two of them are for display (one is standing, and one is sitting) and three are for carrying around with you. (One for your right hand, one for your left, and one to cuddle to your chest and squeeze now and then.) The Carry bears all have animations built in, so all you have to do is Wear them.

All the bears have menus that let you pick from 12 colors for their bows, and all are Modifiable, and have been carefully made so they're easy to pose. You can also resize them, tint them, or do anything else you want to them. They're Copy, so if you mess one up, you can just rez another.

They aren't Transferable, though, so if you want to get one as a gift for someone, you'll have to use the Gift button on the vendor.

Available now, from the main Kick the Can store, Livingtree (149, 130, 24). Copy/Mod/NO Transfer. L$100.

(There's also a new Purple Panda in the Lucky Chair there! :D )

* 20% of the sale price for the Moon Bear goes to Moon Bear Rescue.

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