Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Uncanny Valley Expo, an last weekend's picnic

Voting opened dis mornin' in the Uncanny Valley Expo thing, an I said I'd tell everybuggy about it - so here it is!


So far I'm waaay in the lead, but I 'spect dat'll change quickly. It's got two whole weeks for people to vote.

FireworksAlso, the picnic an BBQ dis weekend? It went super. We had over 30 people for a bit, an everyone loved the fireworks (RacerX was havin' me test a new one, an it's super awesome). We also had a fun fun game of tag, an other stuff. My sis took some great piccies of the fireworks.

A lot of SL kids and their parents showed up, an it was really neat to see all the kids an parents there jes havin fun on the island jes like RL families. I wish I could put some of dat inna prim an hand it to people who say "icky kids!" an stuff.

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